Welcome to the Journey Through the Chakra Series!

I'm so happy you're here!!

During our time together we will study each of the 7 main chakras, what they stand for and how they effect us. We will dive into complimentary practices to help us get in touch with and open up each one!

Each week will consist of an introduction to the chakra that we are studying, a full length yoga class designed specifically to aid in harnessing the energy of the chakra and help us connect with it, meditation, journaling! All of this content is only found here and in my live Chakra Series, each one is tailored specifically for the purpose of connecting and opening.

We will be using crystals and essential oils. I have attached a list of these for you to either invest in or if you already have them, gather them. This is not a mandatory thing guys. Actually....NONE of the content is mandatory for that matter! LOL! You do you. I'm here to simply guide you and offer you different avenues to explore your chakras!

The handouts that have been included in this workshop all combine to make a beautiful workbook once you're complete. I invite you to print each one and keep them all together. It will come in handy when you begin your practices on your own and need a quick reference or refresher!

This entire series is DOWNLOADABLE!! I love this feature. So even if you are away from WiFi, you are able to access the content anytime you wish.

I'm so very honoured that you have chosen to join this series. My hope is that it opens you up to feel the power and the comfort that already lies within you!

It's an amazing and powerful practice!

Welcome Chakra Babe!!



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